What to Expect

 How to prepare for a cardiac test

  • Wear loose clothing and flat shoes, as you may be asked to run on a treadmill.
  • Bring any medication that you are taking, so we can verify the name and dosage.
  • Payment is due on the day, and can be made by cash, bank draft, debit card, credit card or cheque with banker’s card.
  • If you have health insurance, please bring your policy number.
  • If you plan to drive, there is free parking outside our Williamstown Clinic and free on-street parking nearby.
  • If you plan to use public transport, there is a local bus route on the outer ring road beside us.

What happens after a cardiac test?

  • The results of your cardiac test will be reviewed by one of our cardiac physiologists.
  • They will also be analysed by Dr Patrick Owens – Consultant Cardiologist.
  • A report will be made available to your GP within 48 hours which they will then discuss with you.

At this stage, the vast majority of patients do not require any further treatment. Of course, you may be given some medical advice and recommendations on lifestyle changes, but no medical intervention may be required.

What if further treatment is required?

If further treatment is advisable, and you wish to proceed, an appointment will be made for you in one of the hospitals we use. This will all be explained to you in due course, if the need arises.